My PGP Public Key

Posted on Feb 1, 2023

The public key associated with my email can be retrieved using WKD from the domain of this site. Your email client may even fetch it for you.

If it doesn’t, locate my key with GnuPG

gpg --locate-key

Or if that fails because you’ve changed the gpg defaults, try to force it to use WKD

gpg --auto-key-locate wkd --locate-key

And if all that fails and you just want the file. Fine, take it!

Public PGP Fingerprint: 362B183CD7803D683E0CDB14035F697B08DCFA4E

How I Set This Up

I use Proton Mail to host my email. While they configure key discovery by default for new email addresses, they do not do so for custom domains.

Once you’ve got your public key you can output the static content that is specified in the spec by using GnuPG. Here are the docs I referenced.

mkdir static; cd static;
gpg --list-options show-only-fpr-mbox  -k <YOUR_EMAIL> | gpg-wks-client -v --install-key

Now all that’s left to do is publish the output. I used Netlify, but any static hosting provider will do provided you can install a TLS cert to enable HTTPS.

A few HTTP header configurations later, and my PGP public key was on the open web and accessible via WKD! The checker over at was super helpful with verifying I had done everything correctly and pointing me at the headers I needed.

If you ever email me, PGP encrypt away!